Woman in balcony was checking FB during the movie. It was visible for miles around ’cause the screen was hella bright. I ask her to turn off her phone and SHE COVERS IT WITH HER HAND AND LIES ‘It is off!’

Good lord, people. Fucking own up to your transgressions or I will fucking out you like a Duggar.

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The Furies.

It’s one of those mornings when I wish that a) buying a daily newspaper was in the budget, b) we had a local newspaper worth the trees it was printed on, and c) I could break the habit of checking in on social media first thing in the morning because I am tired of clickbaity HORSESHIT parading as news and otherwise intelligent people communicating solely in memes, feel-goodery animal videos, and listicles.

An old-school message board I belong to (which I hope is undergoing a renaissance) has a new thread about missing the ‘old’ internet. And do miss it. In-depth discussions. One-on-one interaction without fear of dick pics or a replies consisting entirely of emojis. Sharing useful information that wasn’t distilled through 72 sources before becoming a ‘Dawson’s Creek’ quiz on Buzzfeed.

Yeah, I think it’s time for another Facebook timeout.

(NB I do post a lot of nonsense on Twitter, so I am also a hypocrite.)

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Meant to use this blog as a creative crutch for a bit, but have already forgotten to post one day, so maybe I also need a drill sergeant. They’re artists too, right?

The coffee machine is down at work, Quark was being particularly uncooperative, and I ended up biking home in a thunderstorm. All of these are bad, but I wasn’t particularly bothered by anything. Have I finally become a robot? Or is it just that none of these are big deals? (I am making a giant travel mug of coffee tomorrow AM just in case, though.)

I did, however, go full nuclear yesterday on the pantry moths yesterday when I spotted five (!!) on the ceiling again. I am now reasonably sure they are congregating/breeding in the gap between the cupboards and walls, so I sprayed the shit out of spaces I couldn’t see with some kind of eco-bug killer.

Next step, burning down the damned house.

(Yes, I went through the cupboards again and threw out some suspicious cereal that might have been bug food. I am sick of going through this every couple of months, though.)

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Swings, roundabouts.

First foray out to trivia since June did not go so well. We scored less than zero on the final round. It was not grand. But it was good to see everyone AND there was a Eurovision question, so hoorah!

Otherwise, I got to blast 90s music and strip the shit out of some daggy-ass paint today, make sag aloo, and venture to the ‘burbs to see tiny children (I knew them, I swear – I’m not gawping at random kids) swimming joyously. Oh, and I got home to find a fairy godfather had dropped off some fresh, yellow (nuts to peaches & cream, y’all) corn.

I was meant to give blood yesterday, but was rejected because my hemoglobin was still JUST under where it needed to be (123g/L instead of the minimum 125g/L). This means my ferritin levels are low (meaning my long-term iron storage? I’m no scientician) and/or I need to switch to donating every six instead of every two months. Regardless, I bought some hippy iron tonic yesterday and so far, so good. The only side effect is that the nagging always-hungry feeling I’ve had for weeks (and has probably contributed to gaining several pounds this summer) is seemingly gone, so maybe my body was just craving more bio-available iron and not getting it. (Apparently chasing my iron-y multivitamins with coffee probably made them fairly useless.)

Anyway, early days, fingers crossed, aphorism, cliché, etc.

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