In the early days of the interwebs, I put up my own site called ‘The Future Husbands List’. I made it image-based because I had a copy of Photoshop. Or maybe I was still using Deluxe Paint II. Anyway, these ‘images’ were just text on squares, one per page, therefore one per person. (more…)

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Wrapping it up.

(Holidailies Day #25-2.)

This year, I got to spend the day eating and drinking too much with friends and family, which is the best thing to do. No huge drama, the cat didn’t bite anyone (though he did jump on the coffee table because, I think, of the duck rillettes). It was pretty fabulous.

TIL: My suspicions that Sony might be playing the North Koreans for publicity for a mediocre film seem pretty on the money. Not quite a fact, but I’m quite tipsy and I sure need to go the hell to sleep.


Merry Christmas to all and to all a sleep tight.

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