23 hours.


Have, like, five minutes to write before I get ready to be got to the set (aka the cinema’s backstage bit) to be filmed again. I only left the house for an hour yesterday, but in that short time got new earrings, bought discounted vegan cupcakes (bonus of getting to a craft sale in the last fifteen minutes, met a LOVELY St Bernard (giant dogs are the best ones), found out Rinag’s baked vegetable samosas are Heathen Vegan Lent friendly, and nearly got blown into the street (repeatedly) by the crazy wind. Sometimes, my ridiculous neighbourhood is great. But walking around it is tempting and expensive.

Other than that, I baked (like, cookies, not in that other way), made soup, watched Some Like It Hot, napped, and was generally useless. It was a good day.

Watch this another time if you haven’t done so lately. (Thanks to Emily for reminding me of it.)


(I will be setting up my half-marathon training schedule this afternoon.)

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