Profundity, practicality, and puerility.


The World Quizzing people are running some kind of monthly ‘Top 100’ questions things, so I’ll be in a pub essentially writing a midterm next Saturday afternoon. Quite curious to see what it’s like and whether it would be possible to do better at that than on the big, annual event (my goal is to make the Top 50 in North America – I was 64th last year – which would be 75th percentile (or thereabouts). I’m getting quite excited, even though my preparations haven’t been as fruitful or organized as I would like.

If you’ve looked at those NA rankings, you might have noticed that there are only four women ahead of me in them. Is that because of differences in brain-wiring or because (most) women don’t give a shit about trivia? Or maybe because other women are much better at tending their grown-up responsibilities than I am, so trivia is not, in fact, of remotest importance? (I did get a load of laundry in before 10am today, though, which I consider a victory. I should clean the bathroom, but I want to go for a bike ride and read in the pub instead.)

In other news, I only watched ‘Jeopardy!’ once this week and, initially, was thrilled that all the contestants were in my peer group (or even slightly younger). But then my blood started boiling because they were epicly daft in many ways. A lot of my cohort are disappointingly uncurious. I’ve ranted about that before, but was particularly irritating in participants in a quiz show.

Had a dream last night that someone tried to set me up with Tim Key and it was a disaster. Not surprising (the disaster bit, not the dream). I’m sure he’s lovely (probably?), but intimidating as hell.

As virtually none of my North American readers know who he is, here’s a poem.

Speaking of which, to my friends here and near where I might be, I want to play ‘No More Women’ sometime. Who is nerdy enough to join me?

If I were a clever person, I would tie these two things into a commentary on gender differences, or address the new Swedish pronoun ‘hen’, or something, but I’m not that clever a person. Not today, anyway.

(Oh, hey, double bonus, I’m remembering to transfer laundry from washer to dryer. And just remembered that I have to pick up compost bags on my way back from the pub. And that I should make an appointment to have two eyebrows again. We’re gonna make it after all! Doo doo doo doooooooo doo! )

4 thoughts on “Profundity, practicality, and puerility.

  1. Jackie

    Short answer to your second paragraph: it is because you are more interesting than most women.

    Also, opt for the bike ride. The bathroom you can always do when there’s no sunshine.

    • megan

      I’m splitting the diff: bike riding to do errands, including reading in a pub. Speaking of which, some nice, unbusy weekend day, we should play with our bikes in Kingston!

      And I’m really not more interesting, just perplexing to most other humans.

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