Breakfast with sparkly vampires.


Was so tired last night that I went to bed at 10. Unfortunately, this means I woke up at 5am. The cat was absolutely delighted, of course. I’m actually oddly fine with it to; there’s going to be a heat advisory later today, so I’d rather bike to work before things get too steamy.

I just hope that this doesn’t mean I’ll nod off at my desk at 2pm.

Yesterday was a tech fail kind of day. A giant dcp file got corrupted on download and I couldn’t open it. A different video file refused to be converted to a usable-by-our-server format. Paul’s email wouldn’t open. People showed up for a non-existent screening that was accidentally advertised (not by us) very briefly back in March. Good times.

I got extremely little actually accomplished, but the most annoying bit was solving two of those things within minutes of emailing my boss for advice, then getting those advice emails and replying to them with awkward messages like (only slightly paraphrased) ‘Uhm, yeah, I totally did that, but, like, before you told me how. I CAN FIX THINGS SOMETIMES I AM SMART TOO.’

I’m a superpro.

In other news, when Benedict Cumberbatch appears in the news again (it’s just been announced that he’ll be on The Simpsons), I (still) get lots of new blog hits, mostly from people searching for ‘Benedict Cumberbatch wants children’. I find this hilarious. You won’t find him here, folks.


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