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Is there a word for the two or three days before a dental visit where you are hyper vigilant, flossing twice a day, brushing after eating anything, and rinsing with various potions in hopes of undoing the damage from the last six months of periodontal apathy?

Because I didn’t do that this time. Apologies to my hygienist for my dragon mouth.


Kind of had a weird morning.

Well, really, I’ve had a weird few weeks. A lot of medical emergencies in my family and among my friends’ families. I seem to be at an age where people in my cohort are starting to get sick or injured more frequently. Or finding out about lifelong issues that haven’t become a problem until recently. It makes me feel very old, and not just because of the stress of it all. Read More →

Fessing up.

I’ve been whinging about my back all weekend, blaming biking, moving boxes, painting, etc., all of which are certainly factors in the problem, but in reality? A lot of it has to do with feeling uncomfortably bloated after eating Sri Lankan food on Friday night, finding it hard to figure out a comfortable sleeping position, and subsequently contorting myself stupidly so that I woke up in agony.

Laugh away, jerks!


For quite while, maybe a year or more, many of my dreams have involved meeting British people (famous, not), occasionally being interviewed on television or on radio, or meeting for potential dates with moderately well-known people, and always being asked, on telling them that I’m Canadian, ‘So, how’s that working out for you?’

I’m never sure how to answer. OK, I guess?

Thae curst horse-leeches o’ the’ Excise.

P: Have you heard of Robbie Burns Scotch?

M: No. Where’s it from?

P: Scotland. Read More →


Recently, I’ve been undertaking three projects: an online Second City writing class, an Oscar trivia thing (that might make appearances in/near this space), and some genealogical research. Read More →

Arthropodic taxonomy in music videos.

I’m not really a Hallowe’en person. Read More →

Marvin Berry and the Starlighters.*

Yesterday marked the 365th day in a row of daily blogging. Read More →

Learning things. (Three.)

(AKA ‘Megan goes to Crazytown’. Part one. Part two.)

Sometimes it’s okay to watch a Maru video even though you’re supposed to be learning how entropy works, but it is not good if that’s what always happens. I’m trying to break free of checking Twitter or Facebook mid-in-person-conversation because it’s terribly rude and 999 times out of 1000, there is nothing actually of vital importance that I need to read that at that very moment. I want to know more things, but less scattershotly, and the internet now is making it difficult for someone with (frequently) the brain of the sugared 14-year-old. Read More →

Learning things. (Two.)

(This is the second part of my rantings and ravings (occasionally little better than the manifesto about the evils of money, complete with photocopied copies and pencil sketches of the Messiah, that we regularly receive at the cinema). Part One is here.) Read More →