Sitting down and doing something.

(Or standing. YOLO.) When I was 15, my younger brother went to Florida to stay with our cousins for a month, and Mum and I took a road trip to pick him up. En route, I insisted that we detour to Athens, GA because that’s where REM were from. Pre-internet, I had no idea what ...


Flippity floppity hats.

The only Jay-Z track I can name, probably.

Shilling for Big Yoga. 1

I’ve been doing a bit of yoga every day for the last five months and it’s been ridiculous beneficial. Like, most of my (previously daily) neck and shoulder pain is gone and my crummy arches have strengthened up enough that I ran my May 10K in neutral shoes.

Making lemonade from sweat and sheep and weevil food.


Bob Dylan, David Bowie, take your pick. 2

Missed two days in a row of blogging. In that time, I ran a half-marathon and Canada got a new Prime Minister. Oh, and there’s a new Star Wars trailer.

Magic. 1


Spent a big chunk of today playing with my new heat gun, stripping off paint from the hardwood banister/balusters/etc. as part of a quest to tart up the house a bit in ways I can afford until I amass some cash to do more expensive work. I can’t stay here forever, after all, but I ...