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=/= Westerosi meteorology.

I was finally able to get my bike out on Sunday. I only went as far as a coffeeshop ten minutes away, but it felt so fucking FREEING not to be at the mercy of public transit and/or traffic to get somewhere that I didn’t care.

I did my first official 2014 bike commute yesterday and despite not zipping/sealing the leg holes of my splashpants (I am very cool, guys) properly and soaking the bottoms of my jeans (papertowel-stuffed cuffs are very, very cool, guys), I was in such a phenomenally better mood than I had been recently that it was borderline ridiculous.
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Pop quizzes.

Despite my lack of fame, talent, and UK residency my dream is to a) appear on a panel show and b) not cock it up too badly.

However, ‘Never Mind the Buzzcocks’ is not part of that dream. Not because it isn’t entertaining (it frequently is), but because my actual musical knowledge is so abysmally limited that the host, panel, and audience would Muntz me so fucking hardcore that I would actually perish. Read More →

Rising up with fists.

About 48 hours ago, I decided to take Friday off. Rather, I decided to float the idea of taking it off with my boss, who agreed that I’m not always THAT vital, especially since Paul the Projectionist would be around to run the press screening. Read More →


Had a profoundly daft day, which culminated in going to a Loblaws (for non-essentials, no less) that’s a drunken stumble from a university on Student Discount Day. It was a maelstrom of lost sheep with vocal fry and carts full of frozen pizza, coconut water, and low-fat yogurt.

But I did see a gentlemen put a hot roasted chicken in his backpack, then shove all his other groceries on top of it before toddling off on his merry way, so that made dealing with the chaos totally worth it.


I have none. I’m working on it.

Mostly, I’m working on establishing schedules and deadlines for myself instead of letting crap pile up, but I’m also trying to really work on my budget (especially food) so I can pay down debt enough to actually apply/do that graduate program I have been thinking about for years, and trust myself to, y’know, make deadlines and such and not waste my money on another half-ass degree.

A girl can dream, right?

Perhaps too much, hence my only learning how to be organized/responsible at the lofty age of 36.


Feeling a ton better today. Still a bit foggy and sinus-y, but the throat gravel has cleared and I haven’t been coughing very much. I credit tons of sleep, spicier-than-usual chili, ginger, and whisky for my rapid recovery. Read More →

Desperate measures.

Lead head, reporting for duty. I *may* be too tired/sick to whine…okay, not yet, but soon, I’m sure. The hot water for tea-making is down two flights of stairs, which might as well be Mars right now. Cancelled dinner plans to hide under blankets with whisky (after I blow some germs outta here with some crockpot chili, of course).

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I went to bed before 10 last night and it was bliss. Woke up naturally at 6:30. The only bit of my dreams that I remember was hearing an Alan Thicke cover of a Cure song (I can’t remember which).

NaNoWriMo is coming up in a few days and, as usual, I am half-contemplating it, but am mighty sure that I will chicken out. Even if it doesn’t matter that the 50000 words can be pure drivel (and likely would be), I would still cringe. I still can’t edit my own work (as is clear from basically every error-filled post here) and I’m too scared to show my work to other people (which’ll make this weekend’s writing group meeting AWFULLY fun).

Also, and I’m not super proud of this, out of jealousy, like a 14-year-old with An Opinion, I have made fun of this thing in the past. Forcing people to write? RIDICULOUS! If I want to write a novel, I will do it in my own time! DOWN WITH THE MAN, MAAAAAAN.

Except I haven’t written a novel, not even a shit one. And probably won’t without some kind of kick in the arse.

So, What’s the harm? Aside from losing my mind a tiny bit because 1600+ words a day is very intimidating. I have a tiny inkling of a plot idea. Is that enough to go on?

What say y’all?


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Linking in.

I’m not very good at selling myself, but most Twitter bios make me cringe. I guess they are kind of like the ‘Objective’ line in a resumé: a fairly unnecessary evil designed to sell oneself.

(Seriously, the ‘Objective’ bit of a resumé is ridiculous. My objective is always to, y’know, get the job for which I’m applying.)
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