(Holidailies #7) Trivia stuff yesterday went fine, by which I was only moderately humiliated by my scores, but came in second in our little cohort. I set my brain to ‘British’ for the second, longer quiz, which helped a lot because ‘Mills & Boon’ and some other references aren’t terribly known here.

Plodding along.

In about an hour, I will be waiting near the stopline for the Army Run>. I stayed at a friend’s place last night because he lives practically around the corner from this extravaganza, but I didn’t sleep very well. A combination of anxiety, too much caffeine yesterday, and rain/drunken Centretown noise all conspired to make ...


Filming was long. Rather, set-up was long, then we waited around for two extra hours for the actual filming people to show up. There are some photos here. Too tired to write more and can’t remember anything about confidentiality clauses.

Earworm infestations. 1

Noticed that I had a buncha new comments/page views this morning. Kommandant Rebozo zum Wasserblüpt, Willkommen! Went to Euchre for the first time in eons last night. Unfortunately, it’s been chilly and rainy, so we couldn’t squeeze in one last patio play.

Sleep therapy. 4

I have the worst cat.


At a coffeeshop waiting for some bike tweaking (again, I amu far too lazy to change a tube in the morning, especially a chilly one when I am too stupid to remember where I put my spare tube after Ride the Rideau, which, now that I think about it post-double espresso, is probably in the ...

Recovery. 1

I ache from head to toe today, particular the ear/sinus and outer bumular regions. When endorphins wear off, so does smugness. I’m hobbling rather than walking. Still, no regrets, even though running didn’t actually save me from any work-related curses.


‘Been listening to Hunky Dory so much lately that I’m thisclose to trying to convince Rachel to name her twins Duncan and Zowie (though Zoë would do).’


Busy day, as I’m taking Monday off (YAY COTTAGE TIME), and as I stopped by some overpriced food places on the way into work (it was time for my quarterly tea splurge, and things spiralled from there), I don’t have much time to write here.

Wiliness. 1

It’s official, my cat is on a campaign to refatten. He has figured out how to get into the cabinet where his treats can be found and knock them to the floor. Luckily, despite his extra toes looking like thumbs, he doesn’t have the dexterity to open the bag.