When you get a call from your bank asking why you haven’t made a payment on your line of credit since October 10th when you’re sure that you’ve actually made TWO since then is pretty freaky.

Helpful hypocrisy.

#100BM Day 52 Dear Canadian Blood Services, I donated blood today! It make me feel good (if occasionally very tired) to do so! My late mother was a long-time blood donor (until she was diagnosed with breast cancer) and I am glad that I am able to follow in her footsteps. I will continue to ...

Rose Nylund in a parking garage.

#100BM Day 33 Occasionally, I write specifically about feminism in a very amateurish way, with little knowledge beyond what I carry around in my head, gleaned from a million sources that I can’t cite, not that any of them are academic.

Heroics. 2

#100BM Day 22 My friend Jackie stopped an assault yesterday. A stranger was being beaten up in an alley off a very-busy-with-pedestrians street in Toronto for ten minutes before Jackie saw what was happening and, at potential great risk to herself, interrupted to see what the hell was going on.*

Briefs. 4

It almost never fails; a poorly attended film that we’ve been trying to promote like crazy suddenly results in ‘OH ARE YOU GOING TO PLAY [X] AGAIN I MISSED IT’ emails after its run ends.


  Three days off means this is a hasty entry indeed because I have work (!) to do. Posted this on FB earlier: In previous years, the national services to commemorate Remembrance Day included speakers and large screens so the people in the crowd could see and hear what was going on. Not so this ...

Rising up with fists.

About 48 hours ago, I decided to take Friday off. Rather, I decided to float the idea of taking it off with my boss, who agreed that I’m not always THAT vital, especially since Paul the Projectionist would be around to run the press screening.


(Apologies for the greater than usual mess. Wrote a rant, was corrected about something, and now I can’t proofread my updates in a way that makes sense in English for some reason. Will try to clean it up more later today.) Movie ticket are hella expensive. One of the excuses used is that movies just ...

Giants within.

There are many things that make me seethe, or, at the very least, roll my eyes a great deal and I would like them to stop before I grind my teeth into powder or twist my optic nerve into a pretzel.

Current events.

Yesterday, there was an accident in Ottawa. Six people died when a bus went straight through a barrier at a level crossing and into the side of a train. It could have been much worse. It was still fucking awful. My heart goes out to the families of the victims.