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Three days off means this is a hasty entry indeed because I have work (!) to do.

Posted this on FB earlier:

In previous years, the national services to commemorate Remembrance Day included speakers and large screens so the people in the crowd could see and hear what was going on. Not so this year. Was closer than usual and could barely make out when people were talking, let alone what they were saying. Not good.

The cynic in me is almost positive that they went cheapo next year because Harper and his band of Not-So-Merry-Men are planning a very expensive WWI-apalooza for next year that will make all the over-the-top 1812 nonsense look…well, even lamer.

It’s not just cynicism fuelling this, but a very real belief, and worry, that people are going to be just as eye-rolly when the four-year ‘celebration’ of banners, colourised coinage (seriously, can we fucking stop this? they are awful), virtually contextless ‘advertising’/PSAs, and other cheap-looking nonsense come up. Oh, and that the Conservatives really are convinced that history is something that is, or, at least, should be presented as, black, white, and linear, (and potentially money-making) rather than a nuanced web of information to be explored (and shared freely).

I am 100% pro-commemoration, obviously, and I guess any additional history learnin’ is good, but trepidation reigns supreme right now.

And with that, I’ve probably ruined my chances of a job in government until Dude steps down. Doh. I did want a pension.


(Apologies for the greater than usual mess. Wrote a rant, was corrected about something, and now I can’t proofread my updates in a way that makes sense in English for some reason. Will try to clean it up more later today.)

Movie ticket are hella expensive. One of the excuses used is that movies just don’t make as much money as they used to, in part because marketing is expensive. When studios say they can spend tens (or hundreds) of millions of dollars on marketing for a movie, they aren’t lying. Continue reading

Catholic popes.

I made the mistake of paying attention to commercials yesterday, which I don’t do much as I prefer dicking around on my phone or getting another beer during ad breaks. But, now, I finally understand the hatred of the ‘adorable’ Charmin bears after seeing an ad in which a bear cub, in a frickin’ Martha Stewart-y New England cottage bathroom, that told me that using Charmin will keep my underwear cleaner, implying that, what, I won’t have to laundry as often if I use their expensive asswipes?

And here I was wearing the same pair all week and using a rival brand of paper.

I am not a squeamish person, but good lord, that grossed me out more than the late-night commercials for Ashley Madison.