Things that sound like Siberian dog breeds (if you’ve got blocked-up ears). 1

I have definitely promised myself (and my five readers) not to fall down on the daily part of Holidailies and, because I have never learned a lesson ever, I am doing the same again this year.

Lighthearted jokes about serial killers.*

Bananas Foster breakfasts.

Vanilla-almond chip dip.

Feathery hammers.

An uncharming Jon Hamm.

Downloading albums by Chicago.

Whether Doyle’s coming back too. 4

Cliffs. 1

Why hello! You may have noticed that I fell off the blogging map for four days, turning Holidailies into Holimaybes! HA HA HA. Ugh. Truth is, I was working like mad last week, including Saturday, sat in front of a computer for 9 or 10 hours a day, trying my damnedest to get a grip ...

The Darkness.