Scares. 1

Euchre Night was BACK and blowing my budget last night. So YAY. It was delightful to play again. I got hugged by a friendly old drunk man, who had earlier admonished Kirk for not paying attention.

Joe Btfsplk.

In an utterly foul mood this morning and I’m tired of complaining about not sleeping, so I won’t. Except, y’all, it really, really sucks to be so utterly exhausted, especially when you still don’t have a working water heater to blast you with life-giving shower water.

Auntie Mary Diane.

Probably wondering why I didn’t post an update this morning. Is it because a) I am increasingly annoyed by the Toronto International Film Festival for making people I need to contact unreachable, and making it so that I am in the same time zone/country/province as my sometimes dream man, but not close enough to meet ...

Tiny humans. 3

Tiny humans.
ZOMG, I didn’t write this morning. I was too busy hitting the dollar store for last minute gift wrap (a spinster doesn’t have baby-appropriate colours of tissue paper!) and prizes for a trivia game I was commissioned to write. (Hello Kitty Pez Dispensers.)

Muddling through, complaining all the way. 2

One of the many ways I’m not jiving with the zeitgeist*:

Being interesting. 1

I’m going on a bit of a Facebook hiatus and toning down (somewhat) my tweeting in hopes of being a more productive writer of more substantial things. And yet? This morning, I really don’t have much to work with, and yesterday was a write-off creatively, since I opted to watch five episodes of ‘The Wire’ ...


Spent last night watching ridiculous.summer blockbusters that I missed in theatres, which reminds me that I haven’t updated my Movies page in months. I wonder if I will remember even half the titles I saw at this point. The Avengers was fun, as expected, and The Hunger Games was kind of a mess, also as ...

Catching up. 1

Talking points and other business, some of which is worth returning to eventually, maybe: I am going to have to run a lot more not to suck as much as I did at this morning. Good lord, it was ugly. And now my other hip hurts. In the space of four Chinatown blocks, I saw ...


Busy day, as I’m taking Monday off (YAY COTTAGE TIME), and as I stopped by some overpriced food places on the way into work (it was time for my quarterly tea splurge, and things spiralled from there), I don’t have much time to write here.

Wiliness. 1

It’s official, my cat is on a campaign to refatten. He has figured out how to get into the cabinet where his treats can be found and knock them to the floor. Luckily, despite his extra toes looking like thumbs, he doesn’t have the dexterity to open the bag.