Falling down.

Vanilla-almond chip dip.

Tookie and Squeegee.

Mr. Lachey’s dentist. 6

Writing the screenplay for Glitter.

Blackened Cajun bread.

Haute cuisine. 1

Because I’m broke as fuq because of roof business, I’ve been experimenting with subbing in beans for, like, everything lately. The latest is a black bean-based shepherd’s pie, which one person (hi Erica!) expressed an interest in learning more about. It’s still a Work in Progress situation, but the gist is this: Chop up an ...

What to do when it’s too chilly for lemonade. 2

Woke up earlier, unprompted, before 7:15. Not a terrible thing, because it means I’ve already had time to make, and eat, Posh Granola. Posh because the ingredients are a bit fancier than I would normally use every day, but as this makes almost four cups of the stuff (it can, in my experience keep refrigerated ...