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#100BM Day 73

Sarah Millican is an excellent comedian, one of the founders of a really great online magazine, and she’s playing in Montréal in July. Read More →

Toothbrush moustaches.

#100BM Day 63
I am going to the Edinburgh Fringe later this month, a couple of weeks into the festival, when all the comedians are exhausted and miserable and/or slap happy and/or have been drunk for a fortnight straight. Should be fun.

Not sure how I’ll be able to afford to eat, but eh. I’ll have a kitchen. Maybe my budget will extend to a giant sack of oatmeal.

I’m a bit sad that the overtaxed Richard Herring won’t be doing his Edinburgh Fringe podcast (or as all the cool(?) kids call it, RHEF) because I love loved listening to it, but it’s totally understandable. The Fringe is madness. Performing one show daily is hard, doing two (he always has a stand-up show) is lunacy.

But I do recommend listening to past years’ episodes, particularly those with Susan Calman, Al Murray, Dave Gorman, and Sarah Millican.

I recommend them with caution, however, as I’ve been recently reminded that a lot of the stuff I love is not that relatable to others, even among close friends with whom I generally share a sense of humour. Not because I’m a special snowflake of greater intellectual aptitude, but because I’ve immersed myself in it far more than the average North American fan of British comedy.


Anyhoo, listen and enjoy?

Here’s a thing I like.


All week, I’ve had a painfully itchy throat and felt run-down. Yesterday, I thought it was all over, or rather, all begun, but despite the tinnitus and bouts of dragon coughing, I don’t seem to be full-blown sick yet.

It is hella frustrating. Will I avoid the worst? Or will I be oozing all over the place and napping under my desk during guide time, aka the busiest fortnight of every two months period? Read More →

The Canadian Yoda.

So, survived Kingston, survived highway driving, and maybe came away with more ideas about comedy. Read More →


Before I got to officially register my outrage at YouTube commenters complaining that there are too many women on QI this series (reading the bottom half of the internet is always a mistake), I found out that Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are co-hosting the Golden Globes. Read More →


I am in awe of people who are both clever and funny, as well as accomplished in using those attributes to better humanity, or, at least, amuse the masses. Read More →

Wompin’ on the geep.*

I freely admit that I was only vaguely aware of the existence of Tig Notaro until I saw her on the ‘This American Life’ cinema schmancy satellite event this spring. Richard even had to point out that she was on ‘The Sarah Silverman Program’, a show I have seen — only a few episodes, mind, as it breaches the funny/nervous-breakdown-inducingly-awkward balance a little too often for my delicate sensibilities. Read More →

Making ’em laugh.

Dear (in no particular order) Sarah Millican, Danielle Ward, Holly Walsh, Shappi Khosandi, Jo Brand, Lucy Porter, and Susan Calman,

I know that it can be rough out there for women comics, more especially in North America even, but this disappointed me greatly: Read More →

Lives of luxury.

In a near-criminal move, I drove to work today. Why criminal? It is absolutely beautiful out and will be no warmer than 21 degrees Celsius today. Essentially, it’s the perfect Icelandic summer’s day, which suits me just fine. Read More →


Since hardly anyone read my entries this weekend, I’m storming off in a huff. Read More →