Pan-Am. 1

#100BM Day 101-3 I’m going on a trip next week with R. We’ve known each other for 20 years (and dated for about the first five years of that), but we havent been on a trip together since the 90s, save for daytrips to two or three shows in MontrĂ©al.

Quality time with Photoshop. 1

#100BM Day 87 I started knitting an adult-sized sweater yesterday with some of the wool I bought in Iceland. Holy crap, grown-ups are too big and their sweaters are gigantic. I’ve knit thousands of stitches so far and I have finished the bottom cuff and about an inch of the main body. Maybe I will ...


#100BM Day 80 Seems a shame to rush an entry about my last full day of vacation, but I have spent a lot of time in my hotel room today (mostly sleeping), so I feel like I should go watch the fireworks that start in about 50 minutes, since I’m not going to be able ...

Singles by Eddie Murphy.

#100BM Day 79 It’s not quite 9pm, the sun’s not going down for another hour and a bit, and I am ready to crash.


#100BM Day 78 Despite being lied to by a station platform sign, and not hearing a corrective announcement because I was listening to music in my headphones, and ending up on a train to Motherwell instead of Glasgow, despite getting ridiculous lostly and turning a 10 minute walk to the airport shuttle into a 30 ...

Britney Spears.

#100BM Day 76 probably Back at the flat to eat a grilled cheese sandwich and have a beer that didn’t cost my (theoretical) firstborn.


#100BM Day 74 It’s been a long-ass 24 hours (actually 19). Five cities in three countries to get where I am now: In the kitchen of a student flat, drinking tea, and eating discount bourbon creams.

Endings. 1

#100BM Day 44 or thereabouts Judging by my stats this week, I think that, by virtue of my posting the crap out photos from this trip, no one is reading this, so I could literally say anything here without issue. But I won’t. Shout-outs to Jackie and Chris for hauling my arse around, and to ...


#100BM Day 43 or something Spent much of today at Brackley Beach, which was clearly not hideous.

P’dayduhs. 1

100BM Day 42, or something, I lost track Using a real keyboard to type at a lovely B&B in Charlottetown that Ali found on the intertubes. It was the house of long-ago PEI premier Arthur Peters, who was also a grandson of Samuel Cunard, about whom we learned at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic ...