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Shilling for Big Yoga.

I’ve been doing a bit of yoga every day for the last five months and it’s been ridiculous beneficial. Like, most of my (previously daily) neck and shoulder pain is gone and my crummy arches have strengthened up enough that I ran my May 10K in neutral shoes.
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Tookie and Squeegee.

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Spent a big chunk of today playing with my new heat gun, stripping off paint from the hardwood banister/balusters/etc. as part of a quest to tart up the house a bit in ways I can afford until I amass some cash to do more expensive work. I can’t stay here forever, after all, but I have to live here for now. And there are things I could do to like it a bit more.

However, my little paper masks didn’t stay on very well, then I thought ‘this dinky thing is no match for layers of decades-old lethal paint’, and then I saw that the internet said ‘PAPER MASKS ARE NOT ADEQUATE FOR REMOVING LEAD PAINT’, so I am stopping until I can pick up one of these bastards in the morning.

I also painted the inside of the front door (not-so-nice wood) purplish because I need a little more Grimace in my life. And because I had some left over from the kitchen rebuild post-flood. It’ll horrify some of the old ladies I know, but eh; I’m the modern kind of spinster and if I want my house to look like Violet Beauregarde’s face, so be it.


Benefits, doubts.

(Holidailies Day #2.)

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100BM Day 77

I got hit on today. Twice. And aggressively enough that I totally noticed.

Why is this remarkable?

That is more times than I’ve been hit on obviously by a stranger in, like, three five years.

Are men in the U.K. more discerning? More desperate?

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#100BM Day 62

There once was a fat cat named Hamish,
Whose brother looked rather the same-ish.
They both were quite proud
And arrogantly loud,
Now rhyming dictionaries can’t save thish.


100BM Day 57. Mmm, beanz.

I took a multi-week from running, as is my (idiotic) way every time I have race looming. First I got a splinter in the bottom of my foot that got a bit infected, then I went on vacation, then I just stopped moving at all (aside from biking to/from work).

I am supposed to be running a 10K in less than a month.

In a foreign country where I don’t want to embarrass myself because every single person there is cooler than I am.


I forced myself to do a short run on Friday (like, 3K) and long run today.

Today’s adventure was full of walking breaks, which is fine, all things considered, and, fuck yeah, it was 10.5K. Sure, my 10K time was about 10 minutes off my PB and I ended up with a face full of gnats every few minutes (running along the river at dusk is pretty perilous), but I did it.

Huzzah, hooray, and I get to do it again next Sunday.

Now for a shower and possibly some quality time eating peanut butter straight from the jar because I feel like I’ve hitched a ride on a Vogon ship.

Powdered dragon claw vs. Buffalio’s Brain Elixir.

#100BM Day 13

Competed in the World Quizzing Championships for the third time today. It was…not easy. Read More →

Henry Winkler.

My birthday was yesterday. And it was actually pretty great this year, despite my literally not planning anything until Saturday when three separate people asked what I was doing for it.

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=/= Westerosi meteorology.

I was finally able to get my bike out on Sunday. I only went as far as a coffeeshop ten minutes away, but it felt so fucking FREEING not to be at the mercy of public transit and/or traffic to get somewhere that I didn’t care.

I did my first official 2014 bike commute yesterday and despite not zipping/sealing the leg holes of my splashpants (I am very cool, guys) properly and soaking the bottoms of my jeans (papertowel-stuffed cuffs are very, very cool, guys), I was in such a phenomenally better mood than I had been recently that it was borderline ridiculous.
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