Gift rockets.


#100BM Day 18

Housecleaning and/or brainwashing.

I have today off, two Easter meals tomorrow, then have to work on Monday for a few hours. So today I should be scrubbing the house from top to bottom. Except I have coffee to finish and Hamish is sleeping in my lap, so eh. It can wait until afternoon. Or never.

=/= Westerosi meteorology.

I was finally able to get my bike out on Sunday. I only went as far as a coffeeshop ten minutes away, but it felt so fucking FREEING not to be at the mercy of public transit and/or traffic to get somewhere that I didn’t care. I did my first official 2014 bike commute yesterday ...


Feeling a ton better today. Still a bit foggy and sinus-y, but the throat gravel has cleared and I haven’t been coughing very much. I credit tons of sleep, spicier-than-usual chili, ginger, and whisky for my rapid recovery.

Placeholding. 2

I’m writing this in the five minutes I’m giving myself to take a break from trying to make sense of some film shipping fiascos (fiasci?). I knew there was a reason this can of soup had been in my ‘for later eating’ drawer for the better part of a year. Feh. I really need to ...

Piotr’s Trek.

I met Piotr when I was 17 and still wearing a lot of broomstick skirts and shod primarily in Doc Martens. He was a high school friend, though they met through the puny local Industrial scene, of my then-boyfriend, and wore Birks and wool socks in winter. Since then, he has lived in five different ...

Celebrating the awesome. 1

Julia Skott is someone I’ve known online for a ridiculously long time; she was in high school in San Diego while one of her parents was doing a visiting professorship-type thing when we first encountered each other back in the day. Now she is a journalist and author in her native Sweden and has been ...

Mea culpaing. 1

I have written about weight in the past, with the authority of someone who has been fatter and thinner and has settled into this size and eats Snickers bars for lunch sometimes, and has run half-marathons at others. I am human. I do a lot of things that are good and bad for me (believe ...

Size matters. 1

I’ve mentioned before that my doctor is pretty great; she’s never mentioned my size, other than saying ‘some people find it more difficult’ (in response to my talking about how I had trouble losing weight) and ‘keep doing what you’re doing’ (in reponse to my taking up running). I’m very grateful for this.