Things that sound like Siberian dog breeds (if you’ve got blocked-up ears). 1

I have definitely promised myself (and my five readers) not to fall down on the daily part of Holidailies and, because I have never learned a lesson ever, I am doing the same again this year.


The Demon Weed.

I spent a chunk of my day off with SeƱor Malcolm Negocio aka the Artist Formerly Known as Rowan aka The Angel of Osgoode aka Mac.


Stephen Fry is leaving QI. His energy in the last couple of series was lacking, sure, but I really thought he’d push through and do another 13.


So, hey, I AM sleeping better when I don’t drink booze or have more than one coffee a day. That sucks!


#100BM Day 103-3

Hours in the day. 1

#100BM Day 12

Hitching. 2

(Holidailies Day #31-4.)

The Antipodes. 1

(Holidailies Day #29-4.)


(Holidailies Day #28-3.)