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Things that sound like Siberian dog breeds (if you’ve got blocked-up ears).

I have definitely promised myself (and my five readers) not to fall down on the daily part of Holidailies and, because I have never learned a lesson ever, I am doing the same again this year. Read More →


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The Demon Weed.

I spent a chunk of my day off with Señor Malcolm Negocio aka the Artist Formerly Known as Rowan aka The Angel of Osgoode aka Mac. Read More →


Stephen Fry is leaving QI. His energy in the last couple of series was lacking, sure, but I really thought he’d push through and do another 13.
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So, hey, I AM sleeping better when I don’t drink booze or have more than one coffee a day. That sucks!
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#100BM Day 103-3
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Hours in the day.

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(Holidailies Day #31-4.) Read More →

The Antipodes.

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