Whether Doyle’s coming back too. 4

Melting pots. 3

Aldwych station.

‘Tis the season of Holidailies and, much like last year’s almost-successful run of daily postings (initially typed as ‘positings’, also apt), I am going to use this opportunity to nerd out a bit each day. Oh, and there might be a bit of festive cheer and/or improvised/half-remembered recipes along the way.

Sap. 2

(Holidailies Day #1.) I wanted a theme this year for Holidailies, but as I’m not really one for seasonal sentimentality most of the time, I didn’t want to go a traditionally Christmas-y route. It’s not my style. People who remember me from previous December blogfests might recall that I generally spend the night of December ...

Frostbitten legs and trench foot. 3

I just got in from an event commemorating The Great War specifically, and Remembrance Day more generally: a screening of a 1928 Canadian film (the most complete one of the era as well, which is a huge deal) Carry On, Sergeant! with live music (and new score) provided by Hilotrons. They are performing this at ...