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Soul II Soul.

I have to get my brain working and my butt moving, as my reintroduction to work after a largely lazy long weekend involves all my normal Monday stuff, plus my normal Tuesday stuff, plus Guide Day (so I will be running around and loading/unloading delivery people’s cars/trucks for huge chunks of the afternoon). Oh, and I have to run a press screening. It’s one of those mornings where I had barely opened my eyes before thinking ‘I can’t wait until I’m right back here again.’

I watched Pink Ribbons yesterday. It was frustrating, because the message is really fucking important and the content was pretty right-on, but the film itself wasn’t fantastic (very US-centric for an NFB film, kind of cheesy production values, far too long). It did make me cry, because I felt a bit hopeless, especially when I saw thousands of people at breast cancer runs/walks (I’ve participated in two myself) who really didn’t know where the money was going, nor that the sponsors of the events they were participating in were selling consumer goods containing carcinogens (not the case with the runs I did, thankfully). Screaming ‘YOU’RE BEING DUPED!!!’ in a movie theatre isn’t productive. Read More →