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I went to bed before 10 last night and it was bliss. Woke up naturally at 6:30. The only bit of my dreams that I remember was hearing an Alan Thicke cover of a Cure song (I can’t remember which).

NaNoWriMo is coming up in a few days and, as usual, I am half-contemplating it, but am mighty sure that I will chicken out. Even if it doesn’t matter that the 50000 words can be pure drivel (and likely would be), I would still cringe. I still can’t edit my own work (as is clear from basically every error-filled post here) and I’m too scared to show my work to other people (which’ll make this weekend’s writing group meeting AWFULLY fun).

Also, and I’m not super proud of this, out of jealousy, like a 14-year-old with An Opinion, I have made fun of this thing in the past. Forcing people to write? RIDICULOUS! If I want to write a novel, I will do it in my own time! DOWN WITH THE MAN, MAAAAAAN.

Except I haven’t written a novel, not even a shit one. And probably won’t without some kind of kick in the arse.

So, What’s the harm? Aside from losing my mind a tiny bit because 1600+ words a day is very intimidating. I have a tiny inkling of a plot idea. Is that enough to go on?

What say y’all?

4 thoughts on “Fiction.

  1. Reply Jackie Oct 22,2013 09:38

    I’ll write a shit novel if you will!

    Last night I dreamed about… group-casting a patronus à la Harry Potter. It was a sports event of some kind. Like, we were a team, fighting another team’s group-patronus. I dunno what the fuck.

  2. Reply Erica Oct 22,2013 16:09

    Every single year I think “I could totally do that this year. I should! I…. totally won’t. God.”

    I might’ve even made it to day 3 once before realizing that I do not have the sticktoitiveness (sticktuitiveness? Is this a totally made-up word? These are the things that keep me from writing on a regular basis) for NaNoWriMo.

    • Reply Jackie Oct 22,2013 16:37

      Come onnnnn. Let’s write ridiculous drivellll. Who cares about the word count? Aren’t you dying to read my meandering post-apocalyptic screed about bicycles and garbage (that isn’t written yet BUT COULD BE)?

  3. Reply megan Oct 22,2013 17:48

    Heh to y’all.

    If I can put together an outline in the next week, I will maybe do it.

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