Originality and tact.

I have plenty of verbal tics. I really do say ‘delightful’ too often. I drop f-bombs rather a lot. I decend into oh-so-witty ‘No, YOU’RE a crotte/pumpkin/stupid*/(insert other just-mentioned word here)’ comebacks pretty much daily. So, yeah (there’s another one), I’m an annoying little turd.

Health (and filling time and space). 5

I was talking to Richard yesterday about our collective (separate!) poor sleep over the last few weeks and I’m pretty convinced that my constant ‘meh’ feeling and Beetlejuice eyes are stress and lack of exercise-related. It’s been a long week-and-a-bit. Lots of work and Christmas prep. Very little time/energy to get out and move, aside ...


The boss is back in town, which means I have an extra layer of supervision that I’m not used to, on a week where I’m frightfully busy and slightly behind on things.

Running. 4

It’s official. As of yesterday, I’ve signed up to run the Ottawa Race Weekend Half-Marathon…in six months. Even better, so have two friends from out of town (hi Jackie and David!), as well at least one local. There will probably be brunch and mimosas after the race. It’s a distance I’ve done twice before, improving ...