#100BM Day 40 At work, covering a shift for someone. After two nights of interrupted-by-2am-street-sweeping, miserable sleep.  I FEEL GREAT. Actually, tonight’s crew were fab, but they are no match for zzzzzzz. I do not have to be anywhere tomorrow for the first time in weeks. Best day.

Production, eggs and otherwise.

#100BM Day 28

Neighbour relations.

(Holidailies Day #6.) Short entry, because (ironically?) I have to leave for a trivia competition in about 15 minutes and I’m still not fit to be seen in public.

Anatomy. 1

#100BM Day 91 Appointments before and after work, then went to R’s place to pick up my new phone case that he Amazon Primed for me (not a euphemism). Ended up measuring his arm span and draw because he has a few more bits of archery kit to order.


#100BM Day 88 Worked tonight. Biking home now.  Well, not RIGHT now, but yeah. Here is an old-fashioned corrugated steel house in Reykjavík, tarted up a bit.  The owner, a nice old gentleman on a motorbike, caught me taking the photo and asked if I liked the place (first in Icelandic, then in broken English). ...


#100BM Day 85 Utterly failing at using this constructively as a writing exercise this week.  Have spent my evening eating pierogies and listening to  Professor Blastoff at a friend’s place instead of writing (or, at least, planning) increasingly dated and irrelevant posts about my travels. I get overwhelmed and tired just thinking about organising thoughts ...


#100BM Day 81 Woke up in Reykjavík, went to the Blue Lagoon, and now I am one of my least favourite places on Earth, Pearson Airport, for a bizarrely long layover.


#100BM Day 77 People who have blocked my (and many others’) way today:


#100BM Day 75, probably. Been to two more shows today, with one to go. Way off my record of six in one day, but I accidentally slept in embarrassingly late, then didn’t leave my flat until 2.

Jet setting.

#100BM Day 72 Megan goes to the Ottawa Airport. She thinks, ‘I should eat a thing before my flight.’ She walks up and down the terminal. She thinks, ‘I don’t want any of these things!’ She buys a $10 beer instead. This isn’t the first third last time.