From today’s ‘Megan Problems’ files:

Woo. 2

#100BM Day 39


#100BM Day 18

Perseverance. 1

#100BM Day 14 Back story: I was a kid runner.

Stripping. 1

#100BM Day 90 Maybe one day, I will write something insightful about leaked celebrity nude shots (and even ‘naughtier’ things), but today is not that day.

Helpful hypocrisy.

#100BM Day 52 Dear Canadian Blood Services, I donated blood today! It make me feel good (if occasionally very tired) to do so! My late mother was a long-time blood donor (until she was diagnosed with breast cancer) and I am glad that I am able to follow in her footsteps. I will continue to ...

Alabaster. 2

#100BM Day 33 I went bathing suit shopping today, which is rarely a good time in any woman’s life. I made the mistake of going to MEC first, forgetting, of course, that making clothing for folks with hips/thighs/butts of the non-wee persuasion is not their strong suit. Seriously, what the hell? Surely, outdoorsy people got ...

Next steps.

#100BM Day 26 Those of you who followed my Under the Line challenge earlier this spring might remember that I was going to try to volunteer in the area of povery, nutrition, or food security. Today, finally, I attended a volunteer session (earlier ones were booked up) at the Ottawa Food Bank to find out ...

Thin Red Lines. 3

#100BM Day 26 A tweet came up this morning from a local radio station saying they were giving away prizes to folks who came down to their studio for a ‘Bollywood Dance lesson’. I will not be going. I’m not so much into radio contests that require more than a retweet at this point. I’m ...

The point. 3

#100BM Day 11 I am absolutely hopeless at doing my nails. As soon as I put any kind of colour on them, I suddenly remember that I have to unload the dishwasher, get dressed, put on mittens, move a pile of jagged rocks, etc. It doesn’t matter if they are professionally done; the last paid-for ...