Blackened Cajun bread.

Downloading albums by Chicago.

Whether it’s a frog or a turtle. 2

Buying pianists from Nordstroms. 1

Apologising in advance, in a public-ish place, for being a really lame host to J., this long weekend’s houseguest, because my house is kind of a tip (the guest bedroom and bathroom are will be clean) and I have to work for chunks of Saturday and Monday (though will work a 12-ish hour day today ...

The Subsect.

A pre-Bennifer 2 world. 1

Being born with it.


Stephen Fry is leaving QI. His energy in the last couple of series was lacking, sure, but I really thought he’d push through and do another 13.


#100BM Day 99

Hours in the day. 1

#100BM Day 12