Keeping up.

The last week or so has been absolute hell for several people close to me, so perhaps blogging about frivolities isn’t that appropriate, but neither would revealing other people’s personal problems and their effects on me. And some are fairly significant. So here we go with the nonsense.


(Holidailies #7) Trivia stuff yesterday went fine, by which I was only moderately humiliated by my scores, but came in second in our little cohort. I set my brain to ‘British’ for the second, longer quiz, which helped a lot because ‘Mills & Boon’ and some other references aren’t terribly known here.

Rising up with fists.

About 48 hours ago, I decided to take Friday off. Rather, I decided to float the idea of taking it off with my boss, who agreed that I’m not always THAT vital, especially since Paul the Projectionist would be around to run the press screening.

Equine health.

I went running this morning. Why’d I do that? A potentially vain attempt at keeping one step ahead of SAD through moving/being outside. I have to be prepared for when biking season ends and hiding inside, hating everything begins.


It has been a long time since I had a granny, but I spent today baking, knitting, and reading, so I can’t say that I didn’t learn from mine.

Remembering the appropriate quote from the Breakfast Club.* 4

So, hey, self-doubt is a fucker, huh? I have it in droves. A marvellous person I know asked for advice about it yesterday, in the context of ‘why are my so-called friends so shit? or is it a problem with me?’ and I instantly regretted pretty much everything I said.** It isn’t the first time. ...


Well, instead of writing something profound, I obsessively finished knitting a charity hat for Grouchy Phil. Seeing as it is too big even for my Sputnik-like noggin, it looks like I will be experimenting with minor felting tonight, if such a thing is possible. If I fail, I guess I will find a giant or ...

Dream women.

Forced myself to sleep in a bit, because I’m still in a frustrating ‘not quite ill’ space. The fun in that is that weird forced REM sleep you get from waking/sleeping/waking/sleeping.

Giants within.

There are many things that make me seethe, or, at the very least, roll my eyes a great deal and I would like them to stop before I grind my teeth into powder or twist my optic nerve into a pretzel.

Succinctness, banter, spiritual being.

Welp, my day has been made.