#100BM Day 68 Bussing home from Guardians of the Galaxy.  It was great.  That is all for now.

Kim Mitchell.

#100BM Day 68 Going to bed early on Saturday night.  The ability to stay out until 2 is not in my wheelhouse right now. Neither, apparently, is getting ready to travel. I don’t even know which suitcase to bring. I have to find out if my health insurance covers overseas travel. I should find out ...

Cable limbo.

#100BM Day 67 Holy shit, it’s the first (sanctioned,  ‘league’) Euchre night in, like, seven months!  Next, I will make it back to trivia night and feel like I have a social life again! Now back to reading on a pub patio while the others are on their special walk to get some fresh, skunky ...

Aw jeez. 1

100BM Day 56 ‘Oh! And the father-daughter dynamic is really good.  Her dad is played by that Canadian guy who’s in everything.’ ‘Who? ‘ ‘ You’ll know him when you see him.’ (five minutes later) ‘That’s Keith Carradine.’ ‘What! No! He was totally that guy on that show on, like, the remake of the Beachcombers! ...


100BM Day 50 Spent today waging more war on the backyard, which was somehow more jungly than ever.

The wiffy.

100BM Day 42 My aunt’s network and the Chromebook won’t play nice and I hate typing on my phone, so here is a picture of me at Peggy’s Cove,  taken by a stranger who was accompanied two daughters,  one of whom said ‘I wanna be like Megan!’ seconds earlier. She was referring to her sister, ...


#100BM Day 41? When one doesn’t have parents or grandparents, it can become quite easy to forget your origins.


#100BM Day 40 Well, it is still Sunday in the time zone we left this morning. Now I am in a bed in my aunt’s condo overlooking the Basin in Halifax.  Even being a passenger on a really fucking long trip through three provinces is hella exhausting. Biggest signs that a hurricane-type thing came through ...


#100BM Day 32 Watching a movie.  Writing can wait. Go listen to a QI podcast and learn something awesome or gross or funny instead.

String theory.

#100BM Day 27 I wonder if my grandmother would be delighted that I am trying to get through a very old pile of mending (during an extremely boring Russia v. Belgium game),  or just appalled that I am absolutely shit at it. I should mail my Brownie sewing badge back in shame.