Married life. 4

A fairly short, ill thought-out, one today, as I have two important projects* this week, but yesterday’s entry got some private feedback, mostly from single people, but also married ones, saying that they too craved separate living spaces from their partners.

Boomtown Rats. 4

The seasons are changing and I’m again coming to the realisation that I spend entirely too much time alone, or in the company of my cat. In times of stress, when others are all “LET’S DO SHOTS AND KARAOKE”, I hibernate. Also, as I get older, my circle of accessible friends shrinks as they partner ...

Staying grouchy.

How do people survive at a state of perpetual ‘OMG YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE WHAT JUST HAPPENED?’ hysteria? It makes me tired.

Black Grape. 2

Black Grape.
Ran 21km for the first time since last September yesterday. My body is so broken down today that I am really, really hesitant to go downstairs for anything because that requires coming back up.

Hidden depths. 1

Dreamt that I went to Australia for three months. I was living with people I didn’t know: Piper Kerman and her husband, who, it turned out, lived in Australia for part of every year (not true). I was made to watch a version of ‘Orange Is the New Black’ which had been produced 15 years ...

Inspiration. 2

(Yep, back to blogging every day. You can subscribe to an RSS feed or email update list if you want to know when these go up, but are not on Twitter.) Probably used up my writing mojo for today in a handful of terrified tweets/FB updates after Hamish (who was collar/bell-less because he seemed to ...