Arrested Development. 1

Aged 36, I am pondering a new career. I’m not even really ready to talk about it, even though it’s been percolating for years, but I’m dipping my toe into an entirely new field over the next few months to see if it maybe possibly could be a good fit. My heart is weighty with ...


If you have children, hug them extra tight today.

Anniversaries. (Bonus!)

(Rehashing from Facebook and some stuff I tweeted that got requoted by the CBC on Ottawa Morning and here.)


I’m off to a wedding, so no time to write, so here’s a combination of my favourite things: Panel shows, ‘Countdown’, Scrabble, and Rich Hall.


Testing out a thing, since I can’t seem to log into my site directly on my new Chromebook.

Copping out.

Copping out.

The 80s (and beyond). 1

Spent much of today on my couch watching the ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ marathon on Space, first season episodes I haven’t seen since I was in Girl Guides (it was on in syndication around the same time as I had to leave for meetings, so I often missed the endings). Obviously, it has not ...

Foreign affairs. 3

A brief pop-in to let everyone know that I’m still alive and, apparently, still incapable of sitting down and writing without a daily obligation.

Tradition. 3

(Another phone blog. It is far too nice outside to be at my computer right now. Also, I am downtown having rushed out to have my conjoined eyebrow separation surgery, so I am not near a real keyboard anyway.)

Growing up.

It is Richard’s birthday today. I brought him a McMuffin. We will go out for a slightly fancier than usual supper later this week.