That Muppet…what’s his name…Jones,

That Muppet...what's his name...Jones,
I am on a train to Toronto (well, in, barely, now) for some mild tomfoolery, much eating of carbs, and some snail-y half-marathoning. Yeeeeeah. Totally forgot to write anything yesterday after I spent my morning doing one last disastrous run, then meeting Rachel and the twins for coffee shoppin’. They are now 11 months old ...

Cleaning. 1

I can go for months without finishing a single novel, then read two or seven in a week and a half.

Sir David Attenborough.

Hamish was pawing at something and leaping about on my bed before 4am. Turns out, he brought a mouse to play with. A real, live mouse. Hopefully, the same one he was stalking yesterday. (Please?)

Thomas Dolby.

Busy, distracted, etc., so go check out this really nice rundown for lay people about Higgs-Boson. Two CERN scientists, Fran├žois Englert and Peter Higgs, won the Nobel Prize for Physics for their research about the elusive bastard thing.

Succinctness, banter, spiritual being.

Welp, my day has been made.


Was so tired last night that I couldn’t figure out how the word ‘prorogue’ worked.


Like many others, I have been concentrating on catching up on ‘Breaking Bad’ so as not to have to avoid the internet and potential spoilers for the rest of time (or something). I did manage it, from a nearly three season deficit two and a bit weeks ago. Boring, eh? This makes me feel so ...

Saving money on parking.

Saving money on parking.
Well, I am transporting my annual batch of chocolate stout cupcakes by bike in my shopping panniers. Could be interesting/messy. Yes, there will be a lid on the container.


Another day, another cop-out. We were ‘partying‘ in the street this morning, so I had to be in early. Yay.

Jimmy Cliff. 2

At work, so I’ll keep this brief. So far today, my phone has stopped working (actually due to a billing SNAFU, so when I get home, I get to call R0g3rs and figure out wtf), I’ve had to leave my bike at the shop because the rear brakes straight-up don’t work, and I realised that ...