Teen Beat.

I’ve already been at work for an hour. Trying to develop new, earlier-in-the-morning habits, mostly because I like going to bed earlier when the weather is cooler. The cat is delighted.


I dove into the new tv season last night. Well, waded, really. Got very angry that ‘2 Broke Girls’ got a second season (it really is fucking awful, people), wondered whether to watch the rest of the final season of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ (it is the final season, right? we’ve got to wrap ...

Articulating rage.

I don’t watch a lot of television. Sometimes I wonder why this is, try something out (often online, I will admit), then remember that, oh yes, a lot of tv is absolute garbage. Some of it is devastatingly depressing or rage-inducing.

Genius. 3

It’s quite probable that I will never understand American television standards. The cut the word ‘shit’ from the Closing Ceremonies (it’s Python! COME ON!), but, possibly worse, they cut out Muse and Kate Bush to play more commercials. It was after 10pm by the time Mr Idle made it to the American airwaves and, per ...

Being slower, lower, and weaker. 2

I’d blame writers’ block for the lack of original and creative thought (and the increasingly short entries and late-in-the-day hittings of the ‘publish’ button), but really? It’s just the fucking Olympics.

International cooperation. 1

I have mixed feelings about the Olympics. I have a cynical side that thinks ‘what a waste of money!’, ‘this is just masking the world’s problems!’, and ‘what happened to it being an amateur competition?’. I used to be in floods of tears during the opening ceremonies, now I roll my eyes fairly often and ...

Dan Rydell.

Not terribly insightful this morning. Slept in after staying up late watching the first, uh, ten episodes of ‘Sports Night’ for the first time since the late 90s.

Amazing Stories.

(Phone blog, so apologies for worse typing than usual. It’s a beautiful day out, so try to spend a good chunk of time outside, Ottawans!)

Mastering the American accent. 3

Coming up on my 200th daily entry in a row. I have been spending almost all my free time watching ‘Homeland’ or sleeping. You should watch it. I am watching the second half of episode 7 after I finish this terribly short gap-fillin’ entry. (I’m waiting on laundry.) Minor quibbles, non-spoilery. 1. For someone who ...


I did a genius thing and didn’t set my alarm properly. Or my phone has gremlins. At any rate, I slept in until 8am, which was unwise as I wanted to run, and write, and stop for groceries for this week’s lunches before work. I can do two of these things. Maybe I can squeeze ...