Keeping up with the somethings. 1

(Holidailies Day #22-2.)

Crop dusting.

(Holidailies Day #20-1)


(Holidailies Day #18)


(Holidailies Day #16.) TIL Sleet means different things in different countries. In the UK and some other Commonwealth-y places, it’s snow and rain mixed, here (and in the U.S.) it’s a more ice pellety situation. How I learned it: From my own inability to understand what sleet was (was it sleeting today? or just freezing ...

Undergrounds under the wire.

(Holidailies Day #14.)

Misnamed Hitchcock films.

(Holidailies Day #13)

Time spent/wasted.

(Holidailies Day #12.) Nineveh came up in a crossword yesterday, and this morning, it was mentioned in an article about the impoverished Iraqi forces dealing with IS, so I started reading about it a bit. I hadn’t really heard the name since some long-ago anthropology and ancient history classes and literally only remembered that it ...

Phrasing. 4

(Holidailies Day #11) TIL: I am not good enough for ‘Jeopardy!’ How I learned this: OK, this was more of a realization than a fact I heard out in the wilderness/real life. In July 2013, I went to Toronto to audition for ‘Jeopardy!’. On the day, we were told that we would be put into ...

Lamingtons. 4

(Holidailies Day #10) Got into a knitting and mainlining tv cycle after work (started watching ‘Penny Dreadful’, which I am still not sure is good, but is damned intriguing thus far, and has a lot of male nudity, so bonus). It’s blizzardy. It feels appropriate. Unfortunately, I am exhausted and feel like I’ve forgotten everything ...

Bad air.*

(Holidailies Day #9) (Not about farts. Sorry, guys.)