Didn’t sleep well past night and woke very early. I don’t mind. The slowest woodpeckers ever and the loons are keeping me company.

Road trips.

Road trips.
If there’s a summer when I haven’t been Wes’s, I don’t want remember it, nor do I care to.


I’m about 50K into today’s Tour d’Ottawa, enjoying a Beau’s while waiting for my lunch at Baja Burger at Britannia beach. Ottawa is a good town for biking. It is, however, a town of people who do not know how to be courteous cyclists.


What happened to all the tiny dogs that looked like Benji? They were everywhere in the 1970s and 80s. Does this means pugs and Jack Russells won’t be hyperactively cornering the market on cute in 30 years? (The great philosophical questions often come up when I hang out with Richard.)

Planning ahead.

Planning ahead.
I am in Andrew Haydon Park. I was planning on going for a 40-ish kilometre bike ride, but plans have been complicated by shoe troubles. It has to see, but a screw was missing from my shoes, meaning I cannot twist my cleat out. Since these are reversible pedals, it is pretty tricky to needle ...

Being ferral. 2

Being ferral.

Martha and the Vendellas

Phone blog again today because the promised storms haven’t started and it’s too grimily humid and hot to turn on a desktop computer today in a room without air-conditioning.

Hochelaga. 1

Got home from Montréal a little before 2am and I am feeling pretty rough. Greyhound and I have never been great friends. I feel like their buses are designed to trick you into thinking that sleeping comfortably is a possibility, but the windows are just a little too far for leaning, so one just does ...

Sleeping in in hotel rooms.

Only gone overnight, but it’s huge progress that I didn’t bring a laptop on my little foray East. I used to bring it, like a security blanket, whenever I left the city limits. Thanks, Android! Now I am one of those arseholes who checks their smartphone 87 times a day instead of one of those ...

Things of importance.

Although tragic things happen literally every day, waking up to hear what went down in Colorado is really troubling me, especially as I had nightmares hat woke me up around the time this was happening. Not psychic ability or anything, but it’s definitely added to feeling unsettled.