(Holidailies Day #8) TIL: The current world record for the half-marathon for women is 1:05:12, held by Kenyan runner Florence Kiplagat. This is 1:14 faster than my fastest half-marathon ever, which was three years ago. How I learned this: I was looking up when half-marathons became a ‘thing’ (the Ottawa Race Weekend half-marathon is 93% ...


(Holidailies Day #7.) A wonderful thing about a full day of activities is that sometimes it leads to a great night’s sleep. Unless, like me, you have a very needy, but very busy, feline who has plenty of cat business to attend to in the wee hours, but always comes back to bat you in ...

Spicy hagiography. 1

(Holidailies Day #5.) (Look at me using fancy ancient Greek-derived words for titles two days in a row like I know what I’m talking about. Actually, don’t. I sound like a snooty wanker and I most definitely do NOT know what I am talking about.)

Lexicography. 2

Short and sweet today, because I am about to drown in a sea of film reviews and cake batter. Not at the same time, thankfully, because that’s how one gets ants. Probably.

Imported dairy products. 1

(Holidailies Day #3) Sometimes, you wake up in the morning with the theme song to ‘Degrassi Junior High’ (not this ‘Next Generation’ rubbish) running through your head and worry why your brain retains this so completely, but can only recall about .025% of three years’ worth of high school German classes. That shouldn’t be. But ...

Benefits, doubts.

(Holidailies Day #2.) I’ll get straight into the fact-posting today, and save the ramble for afterwards.

Sap. 2

(Holidailies Day #1.) I wanted a theme this year for Holidailies, but as I’m not really one for seasonal sentimentality most of the time, I didn’t want to go a traditionally Christmas-y route. It’s not my style. People who remember me from previous December blogfests might recall that I generally spend the night of December ...

Posting. 1

Oh, hi, happy holidays everyone. I have never failed at Holidailies is such a spectacular fashion, so let’s celebrate! Woo.

Transitions. 6

(Holidailies #15(?)) Been feeling glum most of this week. Or stressed. Or both. I have neither parents, nor a spouse-type, nor children (nor, for that matter, many children in my life), so I am feeling awfully sorry for myself this week. I only made the announcement (on FB even) that we were, in fact, hosting ...

Going to bed in a timely manner.

Going to bed in a timely manner.
I have missed a few Holidailies entries this week. Here is a photo of some maple cookies in lieu of a written thingo as I really should be sleeping.