Spellcheck. 1

Sugar rushes.

Part of my #glamorousshowbizlife managing an independent cinema involves spending the company’s money on mountains of chocolate and other sundries. Because my car is not working all that well, lately, and as I’ve been wavering on the fixing vs. buying vs. not having a car thing for, like, two months (the new roof took priority) ...

Melting pots. 3

The Demon Weed.

I spent a chunk of my day off with Señor Malcolm Negocio aka the Artist Formerly Known as Rowan aka The Angel of Osgoode aka Mac.

Aldwych station.

‘Tis the season of Holidailies and, much like last year’s almost-successful run of daily postings (initially typed as ‘positings’, also apt), I am going to use this opportunity to nerd out a bit each day. Oh, and there might be a bit of festive cheer and/or improvised/half-remembered recipes along the way.

Lizard people.

Haute cuisine. 1

Because I’m broke as fuq because of roof business, I’ve been experimenting with subbing in beans for, like, everything lately. The latest is a black bean-based shepherd’s pie, which one person (hi Erica!) expressed an interest in learning more about. It’s still a Work in Progress situation, but the gist is this: Chop up an ...

#catlife 2

What to do when it’s too chilly for lemonade. 2

Woke up earlier, unprompted, before 7:15. Not a terrible thing, because it means I’ve already had time to make, and eat, Posh Granola. Posh because the ingredients are a bit fancier than I would normally use every day, but as this makes almost four cups of the stuff (it can, in my experience keep refrigerated ...