Off to be a race marshall at a community 5K this morning. Enjoying a bit of backyard time beforehand, because yesterday was too bloody hot to do the same. I only went into the backyard to water things (using water from the dehumidifier to do it) around 9pm. This drought can suck it.

Die Traumdeutung.

Working on a secret birthday crafty project today, one that involves silkscreening. I haven’t done this in at least two years, so I imagine I will be tearing my hair out by nightfall.

Libbets Casey.

Slept in, which isn’t good on a cash-and-carry day, because it means I can’t leave for work until 9ish, so I don’t have to worry about unloading my car in front of the cinema during rush hour. This delays everything. Though, really, everything delays everything, as I’ve no way to get to work in a ...

Churchill, Manitoba.

Had a hideous night’s sleep, fractured and weird (including being wide awake at 1:30am and ravenously hungry), full of strange dreams I can no longer remember. Hamish did not help, since he thought it meant he would be fed at 3:30. Or 5. You get the picture.

Work. (7.92km, 27:17)

Work. (7.92km, 27:17)
Was too lazy/stupid to write this morning. Slept amazingly until a violent thunderstorm hit ca. 5am. Managed to nod off again, but my brain hasn’t recovered fully. This is a case for a DCP (digital cinema package) next to two heavy film cans (containing one two-hour-ish movie). This cinema will have been running films for ...

Hampton Park. (6.46km, 44:01) 1

Hampton Park. (6.46km, 44:01)
Just finished my last pre-race run in the park where my elementary school had its cross-country training sessions. Paradoxically, this hill seemed both much bigger and much easier to nine-year-old legs.

Bate Island. (3.21km, 9:21)

Bate Island. (3.21km, 9:21)
For the next few days/weeks, I’m taking my blog on the road to look at local landmarks and history. Today, I’ve taken my bike (and coffee) to Bate Island, at the border (in the middle of the Ottawa River) of Ontario and Quebec. I’m not here for grander history reasons, though, but for more nostalgic ...

Quality time. 1

Another phone blog, this time from my backyard, where I will be spending much of today. Small gathering of people to celebrate my 7/20th of a century day tomorrow.

Oscar nominee Dean Pelton.

I wrote a lot yesterday. I won’t write much today, except to promote work by folks who either work at the Cinema now or have worked there in the past. When I talked about community yesterday, I neglected to mention that the Cinematorium is probably my most important community (despite many of the young’uns being ...

Paying attention.

I almost literally know nothing about SOPA and PIPA, unlike (some) topics I post about here. As well, I’m not American (duh), so have no real protest power in this game, but I do support today’s blackout.