Oh, yeah, I’m supposed to be writing every day or something (per my own silly rule). Instead, I spent today going on another terrible run, seeing a really fun movie destined to not stay in Ottawa theatres long (boooo), and getting checked out for the first time in living memory (it might happen all the ...


Starting the day wonderfully, still reeking of popcorn from when I helped at a busy show last night, sweaty because of anxiety, and ready to sell the cat to the circus.


Slept in as much as I could this morning because of my (terrible) long run yesterday and going out to play Euchre. (I left the house to go to the pub at the time when I went to bed the previous night. Yikes.) So, welcome to another cop-out blog. Since I’m at work already and ...

Lazy Sundays.

Lazy Sundays.
Too busy sitting in my yard, drinking beer, reading, and chatting with R. to write much, so here is a photo of the reason why I didn’t write before my (terrible) run this morning. He is not a good typing helper.


Just got in from a run and am eating a second breakfast quickly before I get clean and bike to work.

Intermissions. 1

Unintentionally have taken a rather long break from this space. I am not dead. I have been busy.*


Remember when I was ‘acting’ in that film last year?

Letting go.

Feel itchy when I don’t post here, so here’s some boring news: Went out and bought some more motion-controlly running shoes this morning. I have been going for very short runs lately, trying to focus on making sure that every toe touches the ground in a step because I have been overpronating to a point ...


I’m so close to a year of daily blogging, but I am really bloody phoning it in this week. Sorry about that. Publication week is often mad, but this time around, it’s turned me into a useless zombie outside of work times. There is so much to do that I don’t know where to begin.


I literally about about 45 seconds to post something here. So here we go: I corrected something that @qikipedia said on Twitter. I have reached that level of pedantry. But you don’t fuck around with Monkees’ trivia around me, yo. Here’s an alternate version of ‘Daddy’s Song’, performed by Mike rather than Davy.