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(Holidailies #13. And yes, I missed a day. again.) Yesterday was full of snow shovelling, trivia, and drunkenness (though not all at the same time). Today is full of muscle exhaustion, data entry, and recovering from drunkenness.

Deadlines. 3

(Holidailies #12) I am not the best person at parties. I finally met someone I had known online for more than ten years yesterday and could handle that social situation (especially as she is bright and bubbly), but in a crowd, gah, I need something to do/something to distract me from my endless worry that ...

Genius. (And other accidentally recycled titles.)

(Holidailies #11.) I really should be working on a quiz that needs to be written before Sunday’s work Christmas party, but instead my brain is doing the Shonen Knife ‘Tomato Head’ equivalent of this, which is making things difficult.


(Holidailies #10) I’m driving to work, intended to be at work for 9:30 (it is 9:10 right now), but the Golden Globe nominations are being announced so I am glued to my computer. I can’t check Twitter at stop lights, but I might be tempted to. I am hooked. This is dumb for a number ...

Mourning Pepsi Free.

(Holidailies #9) I’ve noticed a lot of tight, acid-washed jeans (or acid-washed jeggings?) in the last few days; so many that I fear they are a THING again rather than just an ironic commentary on something hipsters think is important. Abominable. Disgraceful. Unforgiveable. Jeans deserve better than this. HUMANITY deserves better than this.

Time management.

Time management.
(Holidailies #8) Having an utterly incompetent week. Forgetting even to make lists of things to do so that I don’t forget anything. My Christmas bonus is probably shrinking day by day as I display my lack of skills even further.

Why she is not CEO of a major multinational or a Nobel Prize winner.

(Holidailies #8) I felt so organized this morning when I got up in time to do a bit of laundry (I was out of the tall socks necessary for this time of year), eat a delicious breakfast (including some seriously wholemeal-y German rye and cherry jam), but then lost an hour and a half to ...


(Holidailies #7) Trivia stuff yesterday went fine, by which I was only moderately humiliated by my scores, but came in second in our little cohort. I set my brain to ‘British’ for the second, longer quiz, which helped a lot because ‘Mills & Boon’ and some other references aren’t terribly known here.


(Holidailies #6) Just a quick one today, as I’m off to a trivia thing. Well, two trivia things in one, since we’re doing the British Open as well. Not feeling great about either. I can’t remember what I had for breakfast yesterday, let alone…well, anything British quizzers would be expert in. More cricket? Plotlines to ...

Shane Warne.

(Holidailies #5) Part 1 is here. Part 2 is here. Nelson Mandela died is dead. I am only a little sad. He was very old and accomplished, and died surrounded by his family. No one could ask for much more than that. Therefore I feel only slightly guilty about continuing my asinine story.