Richard’s new cat friend moved in yesterday and within a half-hour of arriving, had done a GIANT poop in his litterbox, and within a half-hour of my arriving for a visit, was dozing derpily in my lap. I think this new feline situation is gonna work out beautifully.

Lupine rearing techniques. 1

The gift.

A pre-Bennifer 2 world. 1

The hang of weekends.

The Modern Way.

(Yes, I did not post yesterday. I had important business. Like being in my bed by 9:30.)

Being born with it.


I got slightly upset this morning when I realised it had been four years since I had been to London. (THANKS A LOT, FACEBOOK.) For a period of several years, I never went more than 12 months without setting foot there, at least for a little while.

Walt, Tammy, and Fred.

TIL, because of last week’s QI, that one of the biggest settlements in the 10th century CE was a city called Merv, in what is now Turkmenistan. Sure, it was perhaps first settled in the third millennium BCE, 200000 people lived there at the height of its locational powers (it was on the Silk Road), ...

Extra time.