Phoning it in. 1

Went for a pedicure this morning (only my third ever, but given my heels’ effects on tights, professional intervention was advisable), have taken myself out for brunch, am going to see if I can upgrade my phone early, and then I will go see at least two movies. It is fucking cold. That is all. ...


Go read/look at these things. I have presents to buy this morning:

Arts (appreciation) and crafts. 1

Now that the season Christmas craft fairs is winding down, here is how to I visit one:


Yesterday was not as productive as I had hoped. Turns out I wasn’t as over my cold as I thought and totally crashed out early. I also ran out of butter and back-up fats, because, duh, I forgot to buy some when I was out, so baking came to standstill. I win at Christmas! I’m ...

Festive tidings.

I didn’t manage to sleep in this morning. I was awake before 8. I’m not best pleased. Doesn’t my body remember that I was sick all week and that I could use a mild coma as part of my recovery? Man.

Cynicism and boobs. 5

My mother died of Breast Cancer. My aunt is a survivor. But before you buy me a pink screwdriver for Christmas…

Being Grinchy. 1

I have a bit (ha!) of a reputation for being less than cheery about the holiday season. Part of this, obviously, is because I feel a bit sorry for myself here at the orphanarium for not having a giant family celebration in that traditional way. I hate shopping, malls, and (almost) anything to do with ...


The cold persists. I have a 12-hour day ahead of me because I took an evening shift as a favour to another manager (I did this before I got sick, obviously). No one can cover for my mistake this time around, though, ’cause all the other managers have early morning jobs during the week, and ...


Apologies if my grammar is even more appalling than usual. I’m full-on sick now, with weepy eyes, Marge Simpson voice, and general sinus mayhem. I had a scratchy throat yesterday morning, but thought it was largely shouting-related. Not so much. And I’m especially ticked off that this is my second cold in a month. Immune ...

Living it up (like a grown-up).

I’m kind of awake. I have to be at work for 8:30, so I have to skedaddle soonish (I promised the poor sods who are working this early morning rental bagels). I’ve had about four hours of sleep. It’s gonna be a long day.