So, we do NOT have bedbugs.

Nemo. 1

I am not great at haircare generally, but in winter especially. This means I wear toques a lot to cover up my unwashed/unkempt hair – some(most)times I just don’t want to wash it and risk freezing, or bother breaking out the blowdryer.

Nice things. 1

You might have noticed that I occasionally (often?) tiptoe into hipsterism; I’m certainly accused of being a hipster by certain friends/acquaintances. It’s kind of an inevitable consequence of being an urban dweller who is single, emotionally stunted, and despairs at the idea of having to drive to work every day. I also like good food ...

Mumbling on a sugar high.

The reason I could barely write yesterday was because we had a school group in to watch a film early in the morning.

Hilarity 1

I am in awe of people who are both clever and funny, as well as accomplished in using those attributes to better humanity, or, at least, amuse the masses.


This morning is full of stuff like running, chocolate-buying, and exchanging a broken freezer (after ten days – thanks, lazybones supplier!), plus, I found out yesterday that my boss is actually back in the country (like, forever) as of today, not Thursday. Nice of him to make that clear, eh?

Defeatism. 7

So this happened today:

Patientces.. 1

Finally getting my semi-blocked and itchy/burnt ear checked out today after a week of complaining. Not sure it’s a full-blown infection, but I thought I might as well get it assessed instead of waiting for pus to make an appearance.

Very bad days. 2

Very bad days.
My mother died six years ago today. We’re going to brunch in commemoration, though I’m not sure I’m going to bring the Travel Scrabble (as I would have done if it had been Mum and I going).


A beautiful chilly morning. Fall’s great, eh? Even if I did have to wear wool socks to bed.