Richard Mayhew.

(Holidailies #4, continued from yesterday) Well, one of many things I’m not good at is storytelling; I have to pause here and rewind. Not for dramatic effect. OR IS IT?!

The Clash. 1

(Holidailies entry #3) Been pondering a few days out of town/out of country. I need a break from my life very early in the New Year or I might lose my shit entirely. People have been suggesting a lot of new-to-me places, but I’ve been missing the U.K. terribly lately. Specifically London, a place in ...

Snow White. 3

(Holidailies entry #2) There’s a woman here in the coffee shop who is wearing white cords and a white sweater. She is a young person, probably younger than I am. Is there a braver soul on the planet?

Follow-through. (Holidailies #1.) 1

(Holidailies entry #1) Whoops, in my fog of knitting and getting weepy at ‘Six Feet Under’ all weekend (my family has died a lot), December happened. And that means Holidailies. Which means writing daily. I didn’t notice, and therefore missed day 1. Nice work, me. I go through bouts of updating this space every day ...

Professional tobagganing.

Oof, took two days off of writing. Great result from that writing class of mine, eh? Hope my three readers had a lovely Christmas Day. Mine was quiet and resulted in a lot of leftovers, so that’s a victory of sorts, though I do sometimes miss the holiday enthusiasm of children and crazy relatives. But ...

Sequels. 2

Here is this year’s incarnation of ‘If You Can’t Wrap Well, Wrap Ridiculously: The Stereotypes Edition.’


Today has been ridiculous. Planes, trains, automobiles, etc. Bedtime for Bonzo. But, next time I am freaking out about where my passport is, remind me that it is safely put away in the strongbox, okay?

Extra credit homework. 2

Ten things about Chicago.

Flying cars.

I am holed up in my hotel room, ruminating over tonight’s assignment, which is a fully formed two-page sketch. I might venture out to a show at e.t.c. at 11, but it’s raining and kinda gross out, so I will likely just hide here with my pizza. (I was given the wrong order, but eh, ...


Recently in from the mainstage at Second City, watching their 100th revue. I might write more later, but I am wiped. out. I even skipped pizza with classmates because my hotel bed was calling me with its siren song, but some of the folks from the 24hr benefit I couldn’t get into showed up, including ...