Riding near the Rideau. 5

At this point yesterday, I was riding back to a convention centre near the airport with several other ‘rebels’ who had been told that to ride back would be ‘at (our) own risk’. They delayed the ride less than an hour after it had begun because, well, we were all in danger of being hit ...

Bucking up.

Yay, I’m supposed to be out at the airport in about an hour and I slept awfully, waking up repeatedly due to thunder and worry. Dreamt about sleeping in (which always helps) and fretted over a friend going through a Big Scary Medical Thing. Now I get to bike 100km, even though making coffee and ...

Wildlife. 2

Spectacular sunburn yesterday, affecting my nose, half-moon shapes at the junctions between shoulder, back, and armpit, and some patchy bits behind my ears and on my neck. I think sleeves will be a good idea later today.

Outlets. 1

Had to be at work three hours early this morning to let in a tv crew who are doing intros/outros for a new show on community television. They, of course, turned up late, so I might have been able to squeeze another 15 minutes of quality time curled up in bed under the covers. The ...

Consumerism. 3

I think that all many Canadians of a certain vintage are definitely naturally a little bit anglophilic. The other day, Caitlin Moran tweeted a photo of her husband holding a vintage WH Smith bag and I squeed a little bit. Those were ubiquitous when I was a kid, before WH Smith was absorbed by Coles ...

Waffling productively. 3

I fell out of love with running a bit this summer, signed up for a half-marathon in September anyway, then regretted it immediately.

Articulating rage.

I don’t watch a lot of television. Sometimes I wonder why this is, try something out (often online, I will admit), then remember that, oh yes, a lot of tv is absolute garbage. Some of it is devastatingly depressing or rage-inducing.

Writing. 2

I’ve been doing this daily blog for 294 days now. I don’t remember even half the stuff I’ve written, since, for the most part, the quotidian defogging-my-brain thing is the first thing I do, often while I am caffeinating for the day. I am fully aware that a few bits are clever, and a whole ...

Sharing the credit.

(Another night of terrible sleep (it is very dark at 5am people) and morning of sleeping in too long, so here’s a cop-out blog.)

Improving the movie experience.

(How does everyone feel about the new Olympic event I literally dreamt up overnight? It’s called the Seaerolon, which sounds like a winged mermaid familiar in a Final Fantasy game, and involves archery, biking on seawalls (this was very specific) and…some running? I can’t remember the last bit. But it was very popular.)