Central time.

It’s totally before midnight where I am, so there!

Comfort zones.

A lot of things have happened in the last 24 hours. Here are a few, as compiled while hiding from society and eating Chipotle (with cutlery borrowed from the restaurant downstairs – I AM KLASSY AND AWKWARD).

Maelstroms. 1

I think I’m the most disorganized, deadline-driven person I know. I am getting slightly better about not snapping at people or screaming/crying in frustration, which is progress of a sort, but I’m really wondering if I should look into CBT for my extreme inability to know where things are/should be.


Didn’t write yesterday. Didn’t feel right about doing so, especially since it would have been frivolous and pithy and given that I didn’t read any news until lateish in the afternoon, totally inappropriate, given what was going on yesterday. Millions of hearts were broken.

Literacy. 3

Can we stop doing this?

Mea culpaing. 1

I have written about weight in the past, with the authority of someone who has been fatter and thinner and has settled into this size and eats Snickers bars for lunch sometimes, and has run half-marathons at others. I am human. I do a lot of things that are good and bad for me (believe ...


Less chaotic work day, and yet virtually no writing ideas, aside from bits of random musings from the last few days.

Being on trend.

It’s International Human Rights Day, which is great. But I don’t have time to type any kind of treatise because I am up to my eyebrows in work right now.

Holiday cheer. 2

Earlier today, when I was cursing the lack of small Christmas gift bags in the house and driving to the dollar store at the last conceivable second, I was really lacking in any kind of holiday spirit. I hated everything about everything, really. But I pulled myself together, improvised some ribbon replacement with yarn (I ...

Taking it easy. 1

Taking it easy.
Been socked out on the couch all day watching old QIs (instead of doing ALL THE CHRISTMAS, as I had planned to do) with some kind of hideous head-stomach-backache plague that has completely wiped me out. I am going to attempt solid food shortly, because I am actually hungry for the first time today. I ...