Bob Dylan, David Bowie, take your pick. 2

Missed two days in a row of blogging. In that time, I ran a half-marathon and Canada got a new Prime Minister. Oh, and there’s a new Star Wars trailer.


Fundraising/not being a dingbat.

So, I am walk/running this half-marathon on Sunday and when I signed up, I said I would fundraise for UNICEF. Then left went to crap for a while and I totally forgot about it. Until now I have raised $0. I will donate some money myself, but if ANYONE can spare a few dollars to ...

Jean-Ralphio catch phrases.


Stephen Fry is leaving QI. His energy in the last couple of series was lacking, sure, but I really thought he’d push through and do another 13.

Missing the mark. 1


The Elders.

Adrian Mole’s homeland.

It’s SO boring to read about other people’s dreams, yadda yadda, but something about the masses of roasted garlic and cheese I ate made my brain go into REM overdrive last night.


So, hey, I AM sleeping better when I don’t drink booze or have more than one coffee a day. That sucks!