The Olympics end tomorrow, so I’m watching a lot of it today. Including handball, which I’ve mocked in the past, but still really want to try playing some day, and rhythmic gymnastics, which I still find completely ridiculous.

Artistic collaboration. 3

There are two (of many) pubs I frequent that have chalkboards on the walls of the loo cubicles, presumably to discourage folks from permanently graffitiing the place, and I’m not sure that’s a good idea.


My friend Rachel (who is two days younger than I am) always said that she first knew she was old when she realised it was too late for her to train long/hard enough to go to the Olympics. Well, suck it, Rachel, I’m gonna go in four years! (Oh, and shush about her only being ...

The Duke Silver Trio and the Maid of Tarth.

Had another day of Mindy Kaling’s book title-inspired angst yesterday. Slightly worried that this is happening more often than it used to (especially since I went out two nights in a row thsi week), but I’m blaming PMS (for now) and the fact that I’m been eating pretty terribly lately (see comment about PMS) and ...

Wahoo, NE

I was reading an interview with Jimmie Walker yesterday, as you do, and, while I am not a fan of his politics, he made a good point about Jay Leno, namely that not one comic has ‘broken through’ on ‘The Tonight Show’ since he started hosting, which seems kind of ungrateful and…un-‘Tonight Show’-y.

Defending the universe. 2

At the risk of sounding slightly...anti-feminist? Doormat-y? But if you aren't a gamer, I'd like to recommend that sometimes you watch your guy friends (or girl friends, if you know girl gamers) play video games on occasion. Well, at least once.


‘So, you’re doing a half-marathon, right? How are you training for that?’ One of the cinemonkeys asked me this yesterday and I had to answer with ‘I’m not!’ Because I haven’t been. Dragon boat tiredness followed by back and hip problems (from dragon boat) meant I was not inclined, or even able, for a couple ...

Ed Wood.

The morning after Euchre is always a challenge, even if I am almost invariably the Square who leaves early AND the person who drinks the least, by far. However, it’s always an interesting and fun evening, so it’s worh the lack of sleep. Kirk, who showed up hella late because he’d gone to his hometown ...

Crash Test Dummies.

I have whined that much about weight matters in a while (I used to post about it quite often) and with a good reason: I’m forcing myself not to. I’m trying very hard not to think about weight and size and food. Only in the last few weeks have I succeeded in not tracking my ...

Old school Degrassian angst. 1

(I actually wrote a drunken rant that is probably one of the most self-pitying things I’ve ever written. But I’m posting it anyway. I’m really not looking for sympathy, by the way, just don’t want to censor my life in this case. Everyone’s a neurotic mess sometimes, especially me.)