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Joining the cavalry.

(Apparently, the word of the day, since I’ve used it three times in various social media things already today.)

Is it a good idea to join up with a blogging challenge when one is less than a week away from turning in a term paper, behind on Christmas baking, and back into publication season at work? Is it a bad sign that I hadn’t logged into my CMS in so long that I had 18 updates today?

No. And most definitely.

But here I am. Holidailies Day 1. Hello. This is a slapdash entry written while waiting for my hair to dry (I’m being interviewed for a student project today, otherwise I wouldn’t have even bothered washing it), before I hop on my bike and head to work.

For days when I don’t have a huge amount of time, I think I’ll tackle Holidailies this way:

Thing about my life
I adopted a six-month-old kitten in October and she is a delight. Her name is Bea (after the divine Ms Arthur, as well as Beatrice Thompson, though lately I’ve been calling her Beezus), and she was rescued from the mean streets of Clarence-Rockland and she has the best face.

Best at knitting.

A photo posted by Megan McLeod (@ubiquitykilljoy) on

She’s a mongrel, with a ginger stripey mama, but probably has some kind of splotchy Siameseness in her background.

Thing you might find interesting
Cricket’s lack of lasting popularity in the United States was probably caused by a combination of baseballic simplicity and the Civil War interrupting team tours, intended to drive up interest in the sport, of the South.

Thing you might find less interesting
None of my Gilmore Girls revival predictions from earlier this year came true, but I will defend ‘Sure, man, a Palomino’ as a superior set of final four words until my dying day. Or next week.

Thing you might have missed in the news because Trump is dominating the headlines with his pomposity, hypocrisy, and lack of judgment
China’s HIV/AIDS rates are rising, especially among young people, in large part because sex education is pretty poor there.

Thing you might have missed in the news that isn’t all doom-and-gloom
Copenhagen reached a milestone this week: There are now more bikes on its roads than cars.

Lighthearted jokes about serial killers.*

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Bananas Foster breakfasts.

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Vanilla-almond chip dip.

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Tookie and Squeegee.

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Mr. Lachey’s dentist.

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Feathery hammers.

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Blackened Cajun bread.

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Downloading albums by Chicago.

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Buying pianists from Nordstroms.

Apologising in advance, in a public-ish place, for being a really lame host to J., this long weekend’s houseguest, because my house is kind of a tip (the guest bedroom and bathroom are will be clean) and I have to work for chunks of Saturday and Monday (though will work a 12-ish hour day today to try to mitigate that). Still, there were will be tacos, Cards Against Humanity, pub time, and cat introductions, which are all bonuses to any weekend.

Today in Vegan Heathen Lent: Oatmeal with banana peach and peanut butter, ersatz burritos made with chili, falafel, a very expensive multivitamin made without gelatin or other any creature bits, another chunk of a Cocoa Camino dark chocolate bar.

Today in Gilmore Girls theories: The now-confirmed new cast member Sutton Foster is going to be playing her character, Michelle, from Bunheads. She will be back in New York for a while, appearing either on or adjacent to Broadway, and dating Jess. Jess will visit his mother and uncle in Stars Hollow to introduce her to them and realise that Michelle is just a slightly younger Lorelai with brown eyes and more honed singing-and-dancing skills. He will panic, dump her, and then hook up with Rory, at least temporarily, before realising that a brown-eyed, world-wearier Lorelai is infinitely preferable to rehashing shit with his high school girlfriend whose other two ex-boyfriends from a nearly decade earlier are apparently still hanging around.

RE. Wednesday’s title: Yep.