A little knowledge leads me nowhere.


While waiting for my bagel to toast at the coffee shop…

Food Prep Lady to Cashier: Did you watch ‘Sex and the City’?

Cashier: Nope.

FPL: I’m trying to figure out who this actress is. This comedian.

Me: Which actress?

FPL: Y’know, the funny one with red hair.

Me: Cynthia Nixon? The one who plays Miranda?

FPL: Is that her name? She’s a comedian married to that other comedian.

Me: Uhm…

FPL: The funny one!

Me: Sarah Jessica Parker?

FPL: Yes! What’s her husband’s name?

Me: Matthew Broderick.

FPL: Sorry?

Me: Matthew. Broderick.

FPL: Oh. What was he in?

Me: Well, he played Ferris Bueller.

FPL: Huh. That’s not it.

Me: Sorry?

FPL: I think he’s was on a classic TV show from the 60s. “My Three Sons”! That’s the one.

Me: I don’t think he was.

FPL: Are you sure?

Me: Pretty sure.

(She wanders off and starts shouting at Stock Guy.)

FPL: Sarah Jessica Parker! She was a stand-up comedian! So was her husband!

SG: Really? What’s his name?

FPL: I dunno. Something Parker!

Lesson learned: I dunno. Something about not acting a know-it-all, probably.

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