A miraculous day. (I might be overstating this a touch.)


Well, today turned out okay despite complications like a) missing the postman, b) having a bus with “OUT OF SERVICE” on the front miraculously turn into an 18 moments after it passed my stop, c) tonight’s manager being detained by his replacement at his other job not showing up, and d) not having time for lunch.

a) Despite the ‘HAHAHA YOU SUCK AND MISSED A DELIVERY ATTEMPT’ card (I might be paraphrasing) that indicated I couldn’t pick my parcel up until tomorrow at 1pm, I went to the post office (the one closer to here – sometimes I get sent to one a 20 minute walk away) at 4:30 today and it was there. A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE.

b) There was an 86 waiting at the transitway. I transferred to the 12 later; the driver re-opened the doors when he saw me running like a maniac. This probably got me to work faster. A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE.

c) This means that I had STUFF TO DO, which was a nice change from the last few days. In fact, of the five hours spent at work, I spent FIVE OF THEM WORKING. A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE.

d) My friends Alison and Chris stopped by last night (at work, I mean) and dropped off cookies, which are only acceptable as a lunch substitute at this time of year. NOT A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE, BUT VERY MUCH APPRECIATED INDEED.

Now to home and cleaning. Unless the universe’s already taken care of tht? In which case, G&T it is!

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