A plea.


So, my Gmail address is now almost 8 years old? Can that be right? Anyway, a lot of people erroneously enter my address instead of their own when signing up for things. (Not that difficult, as there are lots of people who share my first initial + last name combo out there. I guess they are forgetting to add a number or crossmixing their work ID with their Gmail ones – whatever.)

As a result of this, I have been put on Enfamil mailing lists, received several other people’s family photos, been confirmed for my minor league hockey team’s hotel stay in the Maritimes, signed up for courses at dubious-sounding for-profit universities in a number of states, found about one man’s underwear preferences via his Under Armor order, and now, apparently, am due to start a training course for the Austin Police Department in two weeks.

For the love of pete, people, learn to type your own email address. I get enough crap in my inbox without receiving yours too.

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