#100BM Day 85

A lot of my identity was tied into having a cat. I was one of those not-terribly-old spinster cat ladies, with one of the most animal familiar-like felines that outside of the fantasy world. Another thing to mourn, I guess. At least until I’m ready (if ever) to let another small creature into my life.

This morning was hard. Weekday routine interrupted. I am not good with that.

The staff bought me flowers. They knew that Hamish wasn’t an ordinary cat.

But I have other things to do today, which is good. Presently working on how to get a foreign film working when a lab in Germany no longer has the original files. Fingers crossed that their famed ingenuity and work ethic gets us out of this jam. Oh, and I have to catch up on the full day of work I missed over the course of last week. Now if only my concentration was anywhere near normal levels (or beyond, ’cause let’s face it, it’s never very good).

One thought on “Absence.

  1. Jackie

    I like to think animals rise to the challenges and opportunities put before them, much like people do, and that any creature you accept into your life will become more awesome than normal because of the respect and interaction you have for and with it.

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